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“The Church at Thyatira” Rev. 2 – Sunday 7/28/13

JESUS TOLD CHRISTIANS IN EVERY ERA TO WATCH FOR HIM. I believe Christians will be found in each of these churches. EPHESUS is a type of Christian church with many good works, they test even those who say they are apostles. But they have left their first love. This kind of Christian church is seen in today’s world. – SMYRNA has works, trials and poverty. The church is persecuted by Satan, yet rich in faith. This kind of Christian church is seen in the world today. – PERGAMOS is a Christian church with lots of good works, and they do not deny Christ. But this type of church allows false teachings, and a hierarchy (Nicolaitans) to rule over the people. – THYATIRA has good works, love, service & faith, but they allow sexual sins and idolatry. This kind of Christian church exist today. – SARDIS has works and a name, but they are about to die. Their works are not complete. The dead church is in the world today. PHILADELPHIA is a Christian church with little stature or influence in the world. But they have good works and missions, and they keep God’s Word. – LAODICEA is lukewarm, wretched, poor, blind and naked, yet they think they are rich. Christ isn’t even inside this church, but Jesus is patiently and graciously standing at the door and knocking. – NO CHRISTIAN CHURCH is the “one true, universal” church. Not even Thyatira! Only the cults claim to be that.

“Faithful or Phony” Rev. 2, 7/21/13

JESUS CAME TO EACH INDIVIDUAL CHURCH with a description of Himself from Chapter One as: “in the midst of the seven Lampstands (churches) One like the Son of Man.” Jesus came to the suffering and persecuted church at Smyrna as “the first and the last, who was dead, and came to life”. Christ tells them He knows their “works, tribulation and poverty”… but Jesus says “You are rich.” He goes on to tell them to be faithful even unto death, and He will give them the crown of life.
Jesus then comes to the compromised church at Pergamos as the One who has the sharp, two-edged sword, warning them to repent or else “I will come to you quickly and fight against them (false teachers) with the Sword of My Mouth.” Will Jesus come to you with encouraging words to be Faithful through the persecution from Satan, Sin, Self and the System? Or will He come warning you to repent of following the False Teachers?

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“Rich In Faith” Rev. 2 – Sunday 7/14/13

THE CHRISTIANS IN SMYRNA were under horrible persecution, and with that persecution came material poverty. Jesus said He knew their poverty, yet they were rich. They were rich in faith; the most important thing. You can’t really measure your riches by your bank account. The true measure of riches is kept in heaven. The treasures you’ve laid up in heaven are your true riches. Many who are poor here on earth will be rich in heaven, and many rich people on earth will be impoverished in eternity. Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven. NO SUNDAY RECORDING

“A Love Relationship” Rev. 2 – – 7/7/2013

First Love

THE CHURCH AT EPHESUS had fallen in LOVE with Jesus and they began to do a lot of good things, but eventually Jesus had to call them to repent. He said He had one thing against them. They had left their first love. God wants everything we do to be motivated by our love for Him. The problem in Ephesus was that, although they still had the work, labor, and patience of the past, their motives had changed. They were no longer motivated by love. Other motives had crept in to their hearts. Jesus called them to remember and repent. He called them to leave the legal relationship and return to their first love relationship.

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