“Our Ever-Present Lord” Sunday June 30,2013 – Rev.1

revelation[1]THE BOOK OF REVELATION was addressed and sent to seven literal churches that were in Asia. There were many other churches around when John wrote this letter, but these seven churches were chosen because they represented all the churches at that time. Seven is the number of completeness in Bible numerology. These seven churches can also be seen as representing different stages of church history, as the letter to each church seems to coincide with different periods of time; Ephesus & Smyrna (33AD – 312 AD) Pergamos & Thyatira (312AD-1520AD) Sardis, Philadelphia, & Laodicia (1520AD – present time). And there is also a sense in which God’s letter to each church can be applied to every church, in every age, and every Christian in every age, including today.
So there is a fascinating threefold application.

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