Rev. 1 “The Key To The Apocolypse” Sunday, 6/23/13

THE KEY to understanding and interpreting the Book of Revelation lies in Chapter 1:19. This is how we outline the book. First write: “the things which you have seen” referring to the vision that John had in chapter one of Jesus in His glorified body. Then: “the things which are” that is Chapters 2 and 3, or the church age, which started on the Day of Pentacost and continues to the present time. We are still in the church age. Third, ”the things which will take place after this”. The period of time that will come after the church is raptured, when the earth will enter a new era, beginning with the Great Tribulation, moving on into the Millennium, and continuing on to the eternal state. When we come to chapter 4, we begin to transition into the future events; after the church age, when we are raptured out of the world. God has given us this key to outline and understand the book.
Sunday Morning #1467 6-23-13 God’s key to revelation

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