Parson To Person – Sunday June 9, 2013

Daniel 11 - Sunday June 9, 2013

DANIEL Ch. 11 Gives us prophesies of future wars & kings, but the prophesy concerning Antiochus Epiphanes & the abomination of desolation which defiled the Jewish temple (around 168 B.C.) concerned more than Antiochus; it was also a prophecy of what the Antichrist will do during the Great Tribulation (Rev.13). Antiochus was a “type” of the Antichrist, but Jesus made it clear that this prophecy of Daniel also spoke of the future, so He warns all His disciples, even those of us in the 21st century, of the events prophesied in Daniel that concern the future Antichrist. (Mat 24:15) It is one example of double fulfillment, or “near” and “far” prophecy. There is a reference to the actions of Antiochus, but a further reference to the actions of Antichrist. These are more amazing prophecies given in such great detail from our God who holds the future.

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