Daniel Chapter 9 “Touched by Gabriel”


The Angel Gabriel interrupted Daniel’s fervent prayer and outlined 70, seven year time periods, called “weeks” determined for Israel and Jerusalem (490 years). The first 7 “weeks” were the 49 years of rebuilding Jerusalem. The next 62 “weeks” would be the 434 “silent” years between the Old and New Testaments, until the coming of Messiah and His execution (Matt.26-28). Then comes the Church Age, which is the age in which we live today (Matt.13). The Rapture of the Church will end the church age (Matt.24:36-51 & Jn. 14:3). This will usher in the 70th “week” Jesus called “the Great Tribulation” (Matt.24:21, Rev.6-19)). That “week” will end when Christ appears with His Bride, and defeats the Beast and his armies (Ps.2 Rev.19).

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