Sunday Morning Daniel 7:


NEBUCHADNEZZAR had a dream Daniel interpreted as the future world kingdoms (Daniel Chapter 2). Here, in Chapter 7, Daniel has a dream about these same kingdoms, only from his spiritual perspective the kingdoms are seen as savage beasts, not a man. The lion corresponds to the head of gold, which is Babylon, and the man’s heart being given the beast may refer to the change in the king after being delivered from his insanity, and he praises and honors the Living God (Dan.4). The bear would be the Medo-Persian Empire, and the three ribs refer to Babylon, Egypt & Libya that they conquered. The leopard is the Greek Empire of Alexander the Great, who swiftly conquered the world in only ten years. It had four heads because the empire was divided among four generals after Alexander died at the age of 32. The 4th beast, with teeth of iron, would be Rome. The 10 horns correspond to the 10 toes, representing a ten nation confederacy on earth during the Great Tribulation. The little horn with a big mouth (Antichrist) will die a fiery death. Revelation reveals how Antichrist comes on the scene and is cast into the lake of fire. God makes these predictions through a Babylonian king, a Hebrew prophet & the apostle John over more than 600 years. But it isn’t difficult for our God, the Creator of all things, who exists outside of time.

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